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Excellent job. We have a happy dog & grandson (who never has to mow that patch again). It looks GREAT!! Even our other grandson likes to play golf on it but the ball always goes outside the "green" and fence. 

James & Doris, K9Grass Lite

K9 Grass

  • No More Mud!

  • Patented, Exclusive Antimicrobial Technology

  • Easy to Clean / Keep Clean

  • Superior Drainage

  • Unbelievably Strong

Thank you! What an awesome job. Love it!

Adrienne, K9Grass



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Photo Gallery

Residential | Leavenworth, KS
This customer’s backyard had become a muddy mess due to frequent use by her dogs. ForeverLawn Kansas City was selected to replace the entire backyard with K9Grass Lite. Now the dogs have a mud-free yard to roam and play in, and the customer no longer has to worry about muddy dog paws or maintaining the grass.

Residential | Lawrence, KS
This customer’s two large dogs had turned a side portion of the yard into their own mud bath. ForeverLawn Kansas City installed approx. 200 sqft. of K9Grass Lite in order to provide a fun, safe, and clean environment for not only the dogs, but also the rest of the family to enjoy!

GoodVets | Lee's Summit, MO
Two, 300 sqft K9Grass area where installed in a fenced area giving dogs a safe, fun area to play and run outside.

Tiffany Square | Kansas City, MO
A 400 sqft. K9Grass Classic dog run was installed in one main courtyard areas. This new area provides a small outdoor area for dogs to rest and relax without leaving the Community.

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