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Grassy Playgrounds are Back

Grassy playground in Westwood Park

More and more schools, parks and other outdoor areas are choosing to install artificial turf as safety surfacing over loose fill such as rubber chips, wood chips and mulch.

Why artificial grass?

  • Safety. Artificial grass installed over a proper base can provide an ASTM safety rating for fall heights up to 12 feet. Since the grass won't displace like loose fill, the safety rating is easy to maintain.

  • Increased longevity, decreased maintenance. Synthetic grass for playgrounds lasts longer, with little noticeable fading, and repairs are much less frequent.

  • Attractive appearance. Artificial grass is lush all year round and has a very natural appearance.

  • Green, environmentally friendly.

Read more in this Grassy Playgrounds pdf.

Why Playground Grass by ForeverLawn?

  • Superior drainage

  • Fade resistance so it remains beautiful longer

  • Maximum durability in high traffic areas

  • Effective Nylon Thatch provides extra support to the taller blades and locks infill in place

Recent ForeverLawn Kansas City Playground Projects

Sunflower Elementary, Ottawa, KS

  • Installed Playground Grass on two side-by-side teardrop-shaped playgrounds for a total of 10,500 sq. feet.

Alma City Park Playground and McKnight Softball Complex

  • Installed Academy Playground Grass plus a Funsert.

Westwood Park, Kansas City, MO

  • Installed Playground Grass Extreme safety surfacing around all the play structures.

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Kansas City consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

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