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K9Grass: More Than Just for Dogs

Raptor Ridge in Bellevue, NE

The situation: Fontenelle Forest's new raptor display in Bellevue, NE has screened cages, known in the birding world as mews, that have the capacity to house 23 birds.

Fontenelle Forest's Raptor Recovery is a statewide operation and the only organization in Nebraska with state and federal permits to rehabilitate orphaned or injured predatory birds.

All the mews at this facility feature cabin-like designs with timber logs, cedar siding and cedar shake roofing. Each cabin/treehouse has a screened porch with perch for the birds and screening on three sides and the top enabling visitors' easy observation and the birds access to the elements.

These cabins/treehouses where the birds rehabilitate needed something besides concrete on the floor. Initially the thought was to use a prairie grass; however, because of its more natural look, K9Grass fit the bill instead with its green surface and easy clean-up.

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