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Why Choose K9Grass for Dog Facilities

Harrisonville Vet Clinic Uses K9Grass Classic

The situation: A local vet clinic wanted to improve the environment for the dogs it boarded. The facility had four dog yards where the ground was covered in weeds and river rock along with some drainage issues. When it rained, water would spurt off the building near the gages making the area extremely muddy.

ForeverLawn Kansas City provided a turnkey solution for the clinic, which included:

  • Taking out two of the dividers, making four small areas into two dog yards, which gives the dogs large spaces in which to run and play.

  • Installing a new drainage system, burying it under the dog runs and tieing in to the gutter system to solve the mud problems.

  • Creating a healthier environment for the dogs by taking out the river rock stones and installing K9Grass Classic, providing a dry, clean environment with its exclusive flow-through backing and built-in antimicrobial.


Roverwood Ranch: Doggie Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

The situation: This boarding facility already had two areas with artificial turf; however, the owners wanted a turf that had a clean, finished look to it in the new dog run area being built.

K9Grass by ForeverLawn was the winner hands down.

  • Easy to clean and keep clean, simply spray it down and you're done

  • The flow-through backing offers better drainage and a better smelling environment (tested at more than 300 inches per hour)

  • A natural, realistic looking grass that is safe and more sanitary for the dogs

The facility now plans to replace the artificial turf in the other two dog yards with K9Gass.

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