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Bring the Game to Your Apartment Complex

Sycamore Springs apartments - putting green

Are you a golfer that just can't get enough of the game? If you live in Hollister, MO, you may want to consider moving to the Sycamore Springs apartment complex!

This new apartment complex is a more urban model enabling residents to walk to places like the grocery store, the doctor's office, the pharmacy and more. Having a golf green at the complex fits with this concept.

Golf Green for Residents

ForeverLawn Kansas City put in a golf green at this new apartment complex using:

  • Playground Ultra on the outside

  • True Putt 10/11 on the inside

Check out these photos, some work-in-progress and some of the finished green.

Why Put a Golf Green in an Apartment Complex?

A golf green enables those golfing enthusiast residents the ability to practice their short game in the comfort of their own home space. It also provides:

  • A fun entertainment venue for residents and their guests.

  • Anytime practice time, enabling residents to practice morning, noon or night.

  • A perk to attract new residents to the complex.

Why Use Artificial Turf?

As our customers have found out, artificial turf provides the ultimate putting green experience.

  • Have a perfectly manicured putting surface year round, no hassle, and minimal maintenance.

  • Add rough, fringe, fairway, bunkers or contoured and tired greens to create the perfect practice experience.

  • Delivers an authentic look and feel - almost like being at a favorite golf course.

Elevate parts to create up and downhill action. Create bunkers. The professionals at ForeverLawn Kansas City will help you design the perfect putting green to fit your space and budget.

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Kansas City consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

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