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ForeverLawn Fusion Handles Reflective Heat

ForeverLawn Fusion - River Market Apartment Complex

In the Kansas City area, the River Market offers an in-town living experience. It's a unique community with a quaint neighborhood feel. You'll find both historic renovated buildings along with beautiful new apartment residences.

ForeverLawn Kansas City installed the new ForeverLawn Fusion product line on a second story roof deck of a new luxury apartment complex in this area.

ForeverLawn Fusion is a landscape grass that is all nylon, making it stronger, and it also holds up well to the damages caused by reflective light.

Reflective Heat Concerns

Many new buildings are using Low-E or high efficiency windows. These windows reflect much more energy and heat than traditional windows. This creates problems because the reflected light can cause damage to paint, planters, cars, plastics, turf and more.

Reflected light can increase temperatures to more than 200 degrees. (When we measured the surface temperatures of things a reflection is hitting, we registered temperatures as high as 206 degrees.)

Solution: ForeverLawn Fusion

With a uniquely high level of resistance to heat, Fusion is the solution to prevent damaged grass caused by light-reflective issues from Low-E windows and other heat sources.

  • Exceptional stability in applications where reflective heat is a concern.

  • Designed for superior performance in high-traffic environments.

  • Combines maximum durability with a natural look and feel.

ForeverLawn Fusion is the perfect mix of appearance and performance to provide a synthetic grass unlike any other.

Ready to talk? Make an appointment with a ForeverLawn Kansas City consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.

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