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Playground Surfacing Can be Safe AND Fun!

Playground with hopscotch Funsert

We had the opportunity to install Playground Grass Ultra surfacing at Holy Cross in Hutchinson, Kansas. As a bonus, we included a hopscotch Funsert by ForeverLawn.

Funserts on the Playground!

The kids' reaction to this was amazing! When they were first allowed on the new playground, the hopscotch Funsert was one of the first things to catch their attention. They talked about it, they touched it, they played on it as much as the other play equipment.

This may have been the first time we installed a Funsert, but it definitely hasn't been the last! Funserts:

  • Provide another piece of play equipment on the playground.

  • Enable you to use space where play equipment won't fit or can't go, for instance, use zones for playground equipment might leave plenty of unused space for Funserts.

  • Offer an affordable option

  • Can easily be customized

  • Are simply fun for the kids!

Funserts, made from multicolored synthetic grass, stand out from the playground grass, adding excitement and fun to playground designs. These playful additions offer the opportunity to maximize creativity without sacrificing safety.

Ready to talk? Contact a ForeverLawn Kansas City consultant today for a free consultation and estimate.


Sample Funserts

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