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K9Grass: The Ultimate Pet Surface

Doggie Daycare, Day Stay Room

Dog kennels, boarding facilities, vet clinics, dog parks and more are choosing K9Grass for both their indoor and outdoor dog experience: It's:

  • Safe

  • Drainable

  • Cleanable

  • Durable

This translates to long-term savings and increased revenues for your facility.

Is K9Grass really different?

  • Unique knitted backing provides extremely durable construction designed for heavy dog use

  • Dense blade construction is designed to keep solid waste on top for easy removal

  • No-infill design is critical for cleanliness and odor control

  • Exclusive Flow-through technolongy allows instant drainage of liquid waste and cleaning solutions

  • Cushioned feel is easy on dogs' joints

  • K9Grass is always usable, always green.

K9Grass Products

  • K9Grass Classic: The original pet-friendly grass. Durable, drainable, cleanable and antimicrobial.

  • K9Grass Lite: Lighter version of K9Grass Classic. Great for indoors or large areas.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it with K9Grass.

Doggie Daycare and Boarding Facility

This facility turned a concrete playground for the dogs into a soft, green K9Grass play area.

Doggie Daycare with Day Stay room

This facility has an indoor Day Stay room for the dogs. K9Grass offers the perfect foundation for a green, open area where you can add fun toys and "playground equipment" for the dogs to play on.

Ready to talk? Make an appointment with a ForeverLawn Kansas City consultant for a free consultation and estimate.

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